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Bathroom & Kitchen Granite Countertops Chicago

Granite & Marble Precision (GMP) has been serving Chicagoland for many years. GMP Granite Countertops Chicago is a Chicago based company that is highly specialized in providing custom granite, marble and quartz countertops. Great variety of granites we provide allows our customers to get their dreamed countertops. Our granite, marble, and quartz countertops are classy, sophisticated, and offered at highly affordable rates. Kitchen granite countertops can be a real showstopper, and bathrooms are another wonderful location for a granite counter.

We’ll help you in the whole project. At GMP, we help you achieve the entire product. Many people do not know a lot about granite, so we are here to help! We will help all the way from the planning to the installation. From advising the material for your forthcoming countertop to planning and countertop installation. GMP Granite Countertops Chicago is not only an expert in bath & kitchen granite countertops. We also can take care of any granite, quartz or marble project!

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Granite, Stone and Quartz Countertop Installation Process

1. Selecting Materials For Your Countertop
2. Countertop Template
3. Fabrication of Countertop
4. Countertop Delivery & Countertop Installation
5. Countertop Maintenance

GMP Countertops Chicago - Products

At Granite & Marble Precision, we offer services involving a wide array or stone products. Our stone countertop options include granite, marble, and quartz of various colors and styles. Our skilled experts are always there to help pick the most appropriate materials for your project. The next step involves our templater arriving to measure your countertop. Once the proper measurements are attained, we begin cutting the countertops to the proper specifications. We then deliver the countertop to your home and complete the installation.

Granite Countertops

Granite is a igneous rock that contains quartz by volume, but also some mica and feldspar. Each granite slab is durable, hard, unique, scratch-resistant, impervious to stains, relatively easy to clean, comes in all colors.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are fabricated from natural quartz. The advantage of quartz is that it is a non-porous and plain material. Quartz slab is resists against stains and easy to clean, comes in many colors.

Marble Countertops

Marble is a metamorphic rock containing crystallized limestone. Marble slab is solid and offer seamless look. Marble slab is relatively easy to clean and wide variety of color options.

Countertop Edge Options

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